Siberian husky dog price in chennai

Hello Dog lover, you’re most welcome to the Website. This website is dedicated to dog lovers and contribute all the right information about dogs. This article is just right for you, Here you’ll get all the information about Siberian Husky dog price in Chennai Starting Rs 2500 – Rs 30000. Hope you’re are interested to read this article and read at the end as a responsible dog owner. This article have all the essential information, Which is required to know every dog lover. Let’s go…

Siberian Huskies are the sled dog breed, these dogs are known for hours of running without being any tiredness. Right these days, Huskies become a topic of conversation among the people, these dogs are intelligent and happy to make relation with human without showing any negative sign. These dog breed are the creatures of cold climate and however, love to walking with partner in snowy mountains. These have little bit naught nature, which is getting more attention to human being, do more love and kisses.

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If you’re thinking to buy Siberian Husky puppies in Chennai, Make sure those dog breeding parents of your puppy must have healthy report. So, your puppy get all the possibilities being less disease symptoms. Our expert team would recommend to visit the reputed kennel club breeder, This will helps you to meet all the requirements , Which is helpful to choose a right puppy as a family dog.

Siberian Huskies Price Varies in Chennai Location

LocationPrice (Rs)
MandaveliRs 2500 – Rs30000
MylaporeRs 2500 – Rs 28000
Rv NagarRs 2500 – Rs 26000
TiruvallikkeniRs 2500 – Rs 24000
Shastri BhavanRs 2500 – Rs 22000
PonneriRs 2500 – Rs 27000
PuthagaramRs 2500 – Rs 29000
AbiramapuramRs 2500 – Rs 21000

Siberian Husky Socialize Behavior

Husky breed are care free, you can enjoy with them and getting out in public. These dogs are right for any home in Chennai but you need to daily work on their stamina, There is must to burn their body energy and daily exercise plays major role. Running is the most important factor for this breed because these are the sled dogs used for working and cover long distance. These dogs breed behavior is more socialize, they want all the time someone around them and contribute them in playing companionship. In opposite situation, Siberian husky getting angry when they feel alone and the reason cause destruction, They are doing destructive things like chew furniture.

Essential items price for Husky entire needs

Commercial Food Cost per monthRs 6300 – Rs 8000
Home-made dog food per monthRs 3600 – Rs 4000
Per visit Grooming CostRs 2200 – Rs 3500
Per Checkups Vet ConsultationRs 4600 – Rs5000
Husky Training PackagesRs 8700 – Rs 12000
Vaccination FeeRs 500 – Rs 600
Cost for dog toys, dog bed, leashes, etc.Rs 6500 – Rs 8000

Siberian Huskies photos for Chennai Dog Lovers

Siberian Huskies puppies chennai
Siberian Huskies puppies price in Chennai
Siberian Husky dog price in Chennai
Siberian Husky price in Chennai 4
Siberian Husky puppy price in Chennai
Cheap price Siberian husky chennai

Note: As the husky getting elder and having bond with social environment, The will enjoy with children & love the company being around children.

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Adopting From a rescue center

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, Adapting an adult husky from a rescue center in Chennai. likewise, you meet the purpose & a pet get new home. What cons? Most of the cases you need to train Adopted dog, they are dangerous many times for the owner, when the dog is poorly socialized to human. Right that case, the behavior of the individual husky is violet and however, they are exceptionally dangerous to human. So, a experienced dog owner can only tackle these kind of Siberian husky dogs. Rather that you can go for fresh and healthy puppy form kennel club assured breeder.

Last Line about Siberian Husky dog price in Chennai

This detailed article have been written by putting lots of efforts, we tried to deliver you exact information if short paragraphs. So, you can understand the basic points easily and take the right decision when buying a Siberian Husky puppy in Chennai. As the time passed new information turn into the market, based on the information we updated our articles on time. If you have any suggestion for us regarding this buying guide, you can contact us or mail. Thanks.

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