Siberian husky dog price in india

The standard Price on Siberian Husky in India is usually count between Rs 2500 to Rs 35000

Other names of Siberian Husky is referred to simply as a Husky, or as a ‘Sibe.’

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This breed is one of the most admired breed in India Since the Siberian dog is adopted by Rinika Dasgupta .These dogs does not require as much upkeep and supervision as compared to other dog breeds. These types of quality makes these dogs more attractive and priciest dog breeds in India.

When we talk about the ideal structure of the bure breed Syberian Husky is defined by the American Kennel Club (AKC) standards. One of them medium size dog breed is used for working breed in Siberia and used to pull dog sleds. These dogs are alert, intelligent and friendly. These are originate in Siberia, where the Chukchi people bred them for their daily working chores.

This is for dog owner & breeders, A pure breed dog require more consideration just on mating male and female at the right time and hoping for the quality puppies. Having the right puppy is the art, you need to confirm closely to the standard, a breeder must need to know the physical strength, characteristics of the potential breeding pairs.

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You know, In India, The average price of Siberian Husky is stand between Rs 2500 to Rs 35000. There is Purebred Huskies, Which has require all requisite vaccines, and deworming. They require regular medical inspection by vets and the cost of vets every goes more.

“Based on the report of The economic times, Mitali Parekh, a canine behaviourist and columnist said Siberian husky trend become increase in India. This is not only Siberian Husky visible in India but also the richest people would love to kept these dogs in their farmhouses & home as well.”

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Anjali Gopalan, A well known activist, who runs a shelter called All Creatures Great, location Faridabad. She has 7+ Huskies at this moment. She says, One time she come over the situation and rescued a Female husky from the slum, where they used this female only for breeding and she rescued this husky from the worst condition, Many thanks.

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Let’s come to the Siberian Actual things and must need to know before buy…

Right that situation we’re here to provide you the actual guidance about the reside in India and If you want to look for the Siberian Husky. This article content include all the information that makes you breakdown all the potential costs and also helps to owning a Siberian Husky in India. Moreover, you include the price on of the puppy and dog, so continue reading the article.

Must check these points:

  1. All the prices mentioned in this article list are in Rs (Rupees)
  2. These prices have average estimates and might vary as depend upon the location and many others factors contributes for dogs

Know the Siberian Husky Price in India

DelhiRs2500 – Rs28000
MumbaiRs2500 – Rs30000
KolkataRs2500 – Rs25000
ChennaiRs2500 – Rs35000
Goa Rs2500 – Rs32000
BangaloreRs2500 – Rs35000
HyderabadRs2500 – Rs20000
PuneRs2500 – Rs31000
GurgaonRs2500 – Rs28000
FaridabadRs2500 – Rs25000

Right these days Siberian Huskies are high in demand because these are the lovely companions and resist the India harsh weather without any more difficulty. The actual price of the Siberian Husky has been increased as quick people know about this breed.

The real price of this breed is depending upon state to stare, dog’s physical traits, The breeder reputation, vaccination status and deworming and the most important, Their genetic heritage.

In India, The cost of Siberian Husky falls between Rs 2500 and Rs 32000. These Husky pups are vaccinated, All the illness have tested and dewormed. These dogs have might got all the basic training, that will cost more in India.

Right these days, the Siberian Huskies dog may also available for the adoption typically, However the cost should be lesser than the actual price in India, and it is generally being seeing some of the people offered adoption lesser cost at the price Rs 2500 and Rs 10000. If you want to adopt a husky puppy, you might do might do the some research.

What is the cost when importing Siberian Husky to India?

As per the situation and analyses the condition, the importing price of Siberian Husky might be costly. You know in many condition the cost of the Husky must include the transportation fee, vet fee and quarantine. You also need to check for the microchipping and lab tests. All pets entering into India must be issued an NOC from the Animal Quarantine and Certification Station (AQCS) in India whether accompanied or manifest, prior to landing into India (1).

Allover mandatory cost of Siberian Husky In India

List Costs
Commercial Food Cost on Monthly BasisRs 6000 – Rs 7000
Home-made dog food on Monthly BasisRs 3000 – Rs 3500
Per visit Grooming CostRs 1500 – Rs 3000
Per Checkups Vet ConsultationRs 4000 – Rs5000
Husky Training PackagesRs 8000 – Rs 12000
Vaccination FeeRs 350 – Rs 400
Cost for dog toys, dog bed, leashes, etc.Rs 6000 – Rs 8000

The above list is the following maintenance costs of Siberian Huskies in India, These cost generally includes foods, vet checkup, grooming and the vet expenses on monthly basis.

Special Facts need to know about the Siberian Husky

These are the facts below, husky dog owner need to know. These are the interesting facts and provide you the actual information.

Metabolism: Husky dogs proves by given their entire history as sled dogs, These dogs have special quality to preserve their energy and regulate their metabolism as well. As the whole drastic condition, huskies doesn’t burn up their glycogen and fat. This fact is still unknown, how it’s possible and they does.

physical and mental stimulation : As per the regulation, Siberian Husky require 30 to 60 minutes daily basis exercise and this is must. This will helps to keep them away from the boredom. You may called huskies are just like teenagers in this sense. They did the stupid things when they are getting bored, just like a teenagers.

Doesn’t Ideal Choice for the first time Dog owner: As the rule of thumb for the dogs breed, How smarter they are, they require more efforts to train them. As the norms, highly intelligent dogs might take time to trained and laterally feels impossible for the first time dog owner. When you go onto the history, Husky dogs are know for the work dogs and rise their traits for challenging faces.

Bronze statue of Balto: Balto is the Husky statue in New York City’s Central Park. This is lead by led by Gunnar Kaasen. Balto is famous for the dog who led the last leg of the Serum Run to Nome at 51 miles. This dog is also know for the longest run for the journey, spanning 91 miles.

BALTO Siberian Husky
Public Property

Fantasy show inspired to buy Siberian Husky is Game of Thrones’ direwolves: This movie pursuit of real life of dire wolves, This fantasy show get an urge to buy one for oneself. Siberian husky rescue groups across the U.S. and U.K. report observing a significant increase in the number of abandoned huskies in need of homes since 2011, when Game of Thrones debuted (2).

Let’s know about the Siberian Husky Mix breed

Husky mixing breed you might get into the rescues and shelters. If you want to get the mixed breed, the first step you must contact to the rescues and particular breed shelters, let them know if you’re interested.

Mix breed have some traits of and physical characteristics of Husky. However, the genetics of other breed may also available in mix breed, you know most of the rescuers and shelters do not perform DNA test on these dogs because they cares them from heart.

These Siberian Husky mixes adopted form the shelter may share physical characteristics with you but most of the cases, the temperament of these mix breed does not match. Their personality determine based on the series of evaluations. However, the temperament doesn’t match as per your standard, you can adopt a dog suits as per you home environment.

As normal found, Siberian Husky mixes have done through these breeds like German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever & Rottweiler.

Physical Appearance & Personality

Coat: Siberian Husky has double coat which is thicker than the other dog breed and well furred. It has measured in two layer – undercoat and topcoat. Undercoat is smooth and finely wavy whereas, the Topcoat is thicker, straight guard hairs. Husky comes in variation of color coat from Dark black to white. These are rare husky dog colors includes white, agouti, sable, piebald, splash, and red-tinted black.

Height & Weight: According to the American Kennel Club Official, The height measurement for Female: 51–56 cm, Male: 53–60 cm & the weight for Female: 16–23 kg, Male: 20–27 kg.

General Temperament: The classic northern dogs, Siberian huskies are active, independent, mischievous, and playful. Husky dog thrive on human company, These dogs also tends to do well in multi type dogs family. These dogs require strong human alpha, Once these dogs understand, they will respect you and very much easy to train further.

Good For Family & Other Pets : Huskies are affectionate and good-natured dogs. Huskies welcomes everyone to home and reliable nature with kids. These habits makes them a good and loving family dogs. These dogs have close supervision around the kids. Most of the huskies have good nature with other dogs, especially those one they are raised with. In general, they are friendly and do not aggressive in companionship of other dogs.

Protective Nature: Is huskies a guard dogs? The sad answer is no. Your husky bark & announce someone enter to your property but also shows makes friends indiscriminately & welcomes to home. These dogs have lacks inherent aggression.

Higher Energy Level: On Scale of 5 star rating, 5 is being higher energy level & the huskies got the challenging number 5 in energy level. The adult one husky require needs 2 hours daily exercise to maintain the higher energy level. Huskies will enjoy lots of vigorous walks but they also need space to run and explore things all around.

Best For Indoor & Outdoor

Siberian huskies adapts indoor life very well and they can live inside the apartment too. You can exit them couples of times for outdoor activity vigorous exercise. Left alone your husky may causes to different hassles and one of them is hundreds of destruction, chewing and thousands of damages. As we discussed, the Siberian husky have thick layer double coat, which might protect them from cold winds and however, the can easily tolerate the harsh weather and even zero temperature. The outdoor activity is very important for this dog, which provide them a potential & maintain their metabolism, These are brilliant at escaping an enclosure. Remember, huskies are the working dogs. So, they require regular activity and need to keep working to become happy all the time.

Noted: The life expectancy of Siberian Husky dog is 12 years.

Training Things to do

If you want to trained your dog perfectly, you need to know some aspects very well – Your dog behavior, mood and actual need. If you are succeed to comprehend the over all concept of Siberian Husky, you will surely trained them perfectly. You must focused on their strength and work on his weaknesses, A best way to go through the training journey with beloved dog.

Unlike other dogs, Siberian husky having the playful nature and they doesn’t want to kept inside the room. So, you mind it and learn about their behavior. Read more articles and grab the knowledge about husky, this make your dog life easy and your as well. There is the point given below that you need to cover and take a helping hand from our side.

Is need to work on aggression? Siberian Husky doesn’t show aggression and they’re not categories into dangerous dogs. These dogs shows the positive sign and being social and outgoing dogs. There is awful condition, when proper training doesn’t followed up, the husky become aggressive and this is the threatened to concern. There is another chance, when the dog become aggressive is defending themselves from dangerous situation. This is normal and anyone creature save them from danger condition. Meanwhile, Huskies are safe and family dogs, doesn’t show aggression with kids, elders and outside members.

Siberian Husky have these inherit facts

Food protection: Just like many animals, Husky would like to guard food. If they feel any disturbance during eating, they even bark and bite. This is not the right for any dog and doesn’t encouraged. In this condition, owner need to provide food training.

Run from danger: Many animals having path to run away from the danger, same thing do husky to protect and feel safer. They also might attack and bark when getting the sensation of zone and getting around more people. So, this is also the part for training and so, they can maintain their fear and anger. Meanwhile, sit happily and calm in fearful condition.

Need to socialize: In wild environment, a husky never felt alone/lonely. Same as you never left alone your husky for the long time, this may cause to unhappy, boredom and develop anger in your dog. This may turn into aggression mode and do chew things or trail toilet paper. So, always taken care and socialize as more as possible.

Work on Vocalization: Communication plays important role in any traits. Similarly, dogs understand different sounds and bark on the way that you can understand their communication, make an alert that Siberian are the incessant barkers. You may tarin them does not bark unnecessary and stop when you command.

“This article completed here, we tried our best and include every information that a buyer must having knowledge before buying their first Siberian husky. We did lots of research before getting ready this article, we collect information through different resources, and also ask from reputed dog kennel owners, what actually need to consider before buying husky. Afterall, we put all the existing information in this article. If we collect anything special for this article about Siberian husky price in India, we make sure and update the article. Thanks.”

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