Pomeranian dog price in chennai

Chennai- Pomeranian dog owner list with price & Phone Number

Owner NamePrice in ChennaiWhatsapp Number
Prem Sing₹3,500+91-945-5599-213
Neha Kaur₹6,000+91-755-5804-790
Ajay Yadav₹8,000+91-945-5568-372
Kulvant Negi₹10,000+91-855-5956-190

Detailed information about these Pomeranian Dogs – Chennai

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These Teacup Pomeranian dogs are intelligent, extroverted, and playful. One meeting of these adorable teacup puppies in Chennai would totally change your desire. They have loveable and affectionate personalities. Their smart and vivacious nature falls you in love. Although,  Pomeranian teacup puppies in Chennai are trained and never feel bored in any situation. They always entertain you with new styles and tricks. Now, you can buy these teddy-bear-faced dogs and their puppies at a given number.

Pom dog price in Chennai

These micro  Pomeranian puppies are available for sale in Chennai. Toy pom breeds are small creatures on the earth. Usually, they are known as home dogs. Moreover, they are playful with children and easy to survive in  Chennai weather situations. There is no doubt the breed is precious. Thus, you can make them ideal and faithful companions in your life. So, are you ready to adopt a pomeranian teacup size dog at an affordable price in Chennai ? Must look at these pure breeds Pomeranian puppies in Chennai or contact us for more information. 

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Price in Chennaipom dog

Teacup White Pomeranian Puppy Price in Chennai 

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Factors Affecting a Pomeranian’s Price in Chennai 

There are many factors included that affect pomeranian price in Chennai . As you may see plenty of variation in the Indian market. Every breeder shows different kinds of things in their puppy. So, we elaborate you the important factors that influence the price of pomeranian dogs.

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Pomeranian dog price in Chennai

Your Location :

Breeders must calculate the cost of living when selling their puppies. For instance, you identify it from the area Beverly Hills. The living cost of this place is laterally high. So, they charge more for the puppies in comparison to other areas like Topeka. This will include the veterinary costs and grooming as well. Thus, the more expensive reason. You have to pay more money.

Different Style of Breeders:

You may find the individual styles of breeders in every city. Their pomeranian puppy price is based on desire and the entire business plan. It happens that two identical breeders have different prices. Yes, both of these are different aspects of selling and caring for the dogs. Thereby, check more than 4 sellers when you think to buy a little and expensive puppy.

Pomeranian Dog Age:

In the last one decade, most people have shown their interest to buy a young dog. In this sense, breeders have faced the difficulties to move away from their dogs when older. Thus, many time breeder is offering old puppies for sale. In simple words, the older puppies are barely cheaper than 7- to 15-week puppies. 

Quality of Pomeranian dog matter a lot

I am shaken to use the word “quality” when it comes to dog definition. Our vision is the same for all canines and they deserve the love. All of sudden, some of the puppies win the race and fall under expensive genetic breed. Though, their characteristic is often subjective. However, quality sudden changes the price of individual pomeranian.

quality of Pomeranian dog in Chennai

So, it is good to read the full guide while you are thinking to purchase the teacup pomeranian. Always remember, visiting the low-quality breeder deliver you lifelong hesitation. Indeed, take care of these consequences for your puppy.

Coat Colors

Pomeranian dogs have several types of color patterns. Some of them are high in demand in Chennai . Whereas, others are less in demand. Based on our opinion the solid color pomeranian is rarest. So, their cost is obviously high in comparison to multi-color puppies. 

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