Labrador Puppies Price in Delhi

Hello Dog Lover, This article is for Delhi buddies. Are you looking for Labrador dog puppy at affordable price, you’re the right place. In this article we’re telling you about Labrador & the price. When we talk about the price, It’s goes between the range Rs 2500 to Rs 25000. The price is differ at the each breeder, depends upon the puppy quality and other characteristics, which you need to know before buying one for you. In this article, we include all the information must need to know a Labrador dog owner. Hope you’re excited to add one new furry friend into your family. Check this article at the end and make your buying decision.

Labrador traits known for Intelligence and easy to train behavior. These are the excellent family friends & mature moderately fast. These dogs reaches to their adult age within 6 to 12 months but still progress in body structure up to 2 years. These dog energy level is high, required 40 minute daily exercise to maintain this energy level. Their life span is 10-12 years, The coat length is short, flat, double coat and dense. These dogs require low grooming maintenance, Which is beneficial for dog owner.

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Labrador retrievers dogs are the famous, sturdy and solid dogs in Delhi. Anyone can easily recognized these dogs with their broad head, long drop ears and expressive eyes style. In personality wise, labs are usually calm dogs and having good behavioral background with dog breeds. These are very nice and toned nature with children. As we discussed, these are the strong dogs and thus, need obedience training at the early age. Owning these dogs is a big responsibility, As they have energetic nature. So, you never felt them alone without exercise and daily training schedule. Other that, these dogs become destructive, barking & do unnecessary things like chewing, digging and much more never expected.

Labrador Dog Price in Delhi Near Me

LocationPrice (Rs)
AshramRs 2500 – Rs 19000
ChhatarpurRs 2500 – Rs 21000
Connaught PlaceRs 2500 – Rs 25000
Hauz KhasRs 2500 – Rs 22000
Kalkaji Rs 2500 – Rs 18000
Vasant KunjRs 2500 – Rs 13000
Malviya NagarRs 2500 – Rs 24000
MunirkaRs 2500 – Rs 17000
Nehru PlaceRs 2500 – Rs 15000
RohiniRs 2500 – Rs 11000

Labrador Retriever Photos for Delhi People

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Labrador Dog History

Since 1830s, Labrador were used in North America ( Canada) by hunters. These dogs first introduced in to Britain from ship trading between Canada. These were after used for British hunting dogs & become famous for the Labrador Retriever. As the evidence by their name, This bred were selected for the outstanding retrieving abilities, mostly in water. In early days, these Labrador Retriever worked as a partner with human for duck hunters, These were used in all kind of weather and condition. Their intelligence makes these dogs more exclusive for different kind of jobs such as guide dogs, scenting dogs for military, rescue dogs and performance dogs as well. Overall history, Labrador is perfect bred adapted by human as family dog.

Labrador Essentials Items Cost in Delhi

Item ListCosts
Commercial Food Cost per monthRs 5100 – Rs 8000
Home-made dog food per monthRs 2350 – Rs 4000
Per visit Grooming CostRs 1850 – Rs 3500
Per Checkups Vet ConsultationRs 4150 – Rs5000
Husky Training PackagesRs 8120 – Rs 13000
Vaccination FeeRs 550 – Rs 650
Cost for dog toys, dog bed, leashes, etc.Rs 6550 – Rs 8000

Labrador Color Combination

Labrador are registered in 3 color combinations and these are solid black, yellow and chocolate. The puppies color also occur in same combination. Their coat color are also determined in three genes, MC1R, Agouti, and CBD103.

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Why they used as a Guide Dogs?

Labrador Retrievers have proven highly success rate, When someone looking for the guide dogs. These are more stable dogs in guide form quality. Their highly intelligence, intuitiveness and self- direction breed, for yearly back – these are the gun dog bred to retrieve on land and water.

Is Labrador Used in War?

Yes, Labradors were used in war to find the wounded soldiers and enemy positions. In Vietnam war, These dogs are used as scout dogs. Their abundance quality makes them fit for war.

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Final Lines About Labrador Dog price in India

This whole article is dedicated to Labrador dogs lover, All the information included in this article has been verified through our expert team. If you found anything helpful throughout the article, must comment and share with someone, who needs this article more. You can also share you personal feedback through contact us page, Our team read your feedback and added into article, If looking something helpful for our visitors. Thanks, read more article and visit again…

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