Golden Retriever puppy price in Delhi

Hello friends, you’re most welcome to the This website is dedicated to all dog lovers. Today in this article we’re discussing about Golden Retriever Puppy price in Delhi Starting Rs 2500 – Rs 35000. If you’re here than surely, you want a small furry friend for your & family. So, make sure read this article at the end and understand the concept that every dog owner need to know before buying a canine.

A Golden Retriever is a Scottish breed of retriever dog has medium size. This dog breed easily characterised by it’s striking Golden coat. These dog generally kept as a pet and their temperament is intelligent, kind, friendly, confident, reliable and trustworthy. These dogs weight for female is Female: 25–32 kg and for male is Male: 30–34 kg. These are available in Dark Golden, Light Golden, Cream & Golden. Their lifespan is 10 – 12 years and the origin place is United Kingdom, Scotland, England.

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This breed was recognised by the Kennel Club in 1913. The Golden Retriever is one of the most commonly kept breeds in European world. This breed one of the largest winning competitor in dog shows. These are still used as a gundog by sportsmen, mostly used for retrieval of land-based gamebirds like grouse partridge.

These dogs dense coat is well sited for cold working condition. Dense fur provide them water resistance and insulation. When we compared to other retriever breed, Golden Retriever is not a strong swimmer. Their dense coat having water absorption problem, as such these dogs sit in water when swimming.

Golden Retriever generally known for the healthy dog breed. They have some inherited health problems such as allergic skin, eye problems and sometimes snappiness. This breed mostly prone to cancer, One united sate study said, there is 50% population of Golden Retriever died due to cancer.

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Golden Retriever Price Varies at location based in Delhi

LocationPrice (Rs)
Anand ViharRs 2500 – Rs 35000
Laxmi NagarRs 2500 – Rs 28000
PitampuraRs 2500 – Rs 26000
Model TownRs 2500 – Rs 29000
Hauz KhasRs 2500 – Rs 23000
Preet ViharRs 2500 – Rs 21000
Chandni chowkRs 2500 – Rs 27000
India GateRs 2500 – Rs 25000
Red fortRs 2500 – Rs 22000
sarojini nagarRs 2500 – Rs 19000
Dhaula KuanRs 2500 – Rs 17000

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Things need to know

  • Best suited for non-experienced owners
  • Enjoy active walks
  • Welcome everyone at home
  • Silent Dog
  • Need large space to play
  • Required proper training

In personality wise, these dogs best suitable for indoor and outdoor environment. These are foremost belongs to retriever category, never get back to attempt to pull, drag and carry anything fit in their mouth.

Golden Retriever loves the owner or family member having playful nature and spend outdoor time with them. These are loving, caring and friendly trainable dog want to spend more time in companionship and require more exercise, enjoy all the activity with you and love everyone around themselves.

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These dog likely feel more comfortable, if you gotten provide them a larger outdoor space, these dogs love long walks in the countryside. These dogs most likely feel happier in large backyard area. Moreover, they can also accept smaller space, when you concentrate on plenty of daily exercise.

Is Golden Retriever Good With Children?

Yes, these dogs are incredibly affectionate and intelligent. These dogs usually good with children. These are also wonderful service dog used for reach and rescue.

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Is Golden retriever puppies grow rapidly?

Golden Retriever puppies grow rapidly, they should require low-calorie puppy diet that might helps them grow faster and keep them safe from bone disorders . A adult size should be fed up 2 meals a day. Measured meal is best rather than leaving your dog for free feeding.

Where does to adopt Golden Retriever in Delhi?

If you want a Golden Retriever in low price, you must check for animal shelter in Delhi and rescue dog groups need homes. There are hundreds of abandoned and rescued in India each day. These rescued Golden retriever have wonderful souls.

Are Golden Retrievers breed aggressive?

Golden Retrievers aren’t aggressive in nature. There is an exception occur if they didn’t get the proper training or poorly socialize, mean cases wrong treat with owner. Just like other dogs, these can be territorial over the food and constantly provide high-value on playing toys.

What are the most suited Golden Retriever names?

These are the top names for a Golden Retriever sales in Delhi, these were include Daisy, Luna, Ellie, Lucy, Max, Alex, Rocky, Lie, Marco, Charlie, angle, Rony and many more. These are the some popular names in our list.

Final lines about Golden Retriever Puppy Price in Delhi

This article ended up here, hope you like the article information and learn valuable from our efforts. We include everything required to buy a Golden Retriever. If you anything missed in this article, you comment us below, our team reply your comment. In case you found anything valuable in addition to this article, must share with us. Our team takes a look at your suggestion and added, if the information best fit for this article. Thanks your visit…

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