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Hello friends you’re most welcome to the dogfriends.in . This article is for every Canine lover, we tried our best provide you exact information about Dachshund Dog price in Delhi starting Rs 2500 to Rs 30000. The price varies according to the location, seller experience and breeder quality. We cover up all the necessary points in this article. These points helps you to get better understanding about the breed. So, you’ll get the right decision at the buying time. We did lots of research before publishing this article and hope read it at the end. Let’s continue…

Dachshund is know for many names badger dog, wiener dog, doxie, and sausage dog. This is short legged dog having long-bodied. This is hound-type dog breed, their hair may be smooth-haired, wire-haired, or long-haired. These dogs available in many color combination such as Black, Black & Tan, Chocolate & Tan, Blue & Tan, Chocolate & Cream, Cream, Tan, Red. Their lifespan is 12 – 16 years and the temperament is Lively, Playful, Clever, Devoted, Stubborn, Active, Independent & Courageous.

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According to the American Kennel Club, Dachshund was ranked at the 9th position among dog breeds. This is German origin breed, In modern Germany family the dogs popular by the short name Dackel. Their appearance is long and muscular body with stubby legs. Dachshund has a deep chest, which provide them more space for the proper functioning of lung and heart.

Dachshund available in three sizes – standard, miniature and kaninchen. These dogs full size typically weigh 7.5 kg (16 lb) to 14.5 kg (32 lb). In German, measure chest circumference in reference to height and weight.

Dachshund is very good and fell happier with other family pets, they constantly want more attention and companionship, they are also possessive toward their toys. It’s to be noted, you must stop them in first attempt, while shows the jealousy and possessiveness. Otherwise, they are becoming more habitual about the bad habit.

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These dogs love daily walk and chase someone passed off, most suitable breed for indoor and outdoor circumstances. These dogs require small back yard space for exercise, play activity and doing extra fun. In loneliness, these dogs leads to excessive barking and feels uncomfortable.

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Dachshund Dogs Puppy Price in Delhi Location

LocationPrice (Rs)
Vasant kunjRs 2500 – Rs 30000
RohiniRs 2500 – Rs 28000
ChhatarpurRs 2500 – Rs 25000
Malviya NagarRs 2500 – Rs 27000
Nirman ViharRs 2500 – Rs 23000
Kashmiri GateRs 2500 – Rs 26000
Rajiv chowkRs 2500 – Rs 29000
Malviya NagarRs 2500 – Rs 24000
Connaught PlaceRs 2500 – Rs 19000
Nehru PlaceRs 2500 – Rs 17000
Lajpat NagarRs 2500 – Rs 22000

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Incredible Facts about Dachshund

  • These dogs used as a hunting dogs on small animals, particularly burrowing animals. These traits dogs also a perfect at hunting other small animals like rabbit and foxes.
  • On special occasion, hunters also used a group of dachshunds for hunting deer, wild boars and wolverines.
  • Their small size, high energy level and interesting look makes them a family pets.
  • These dogs short legs makes them a excellent at chasing small animal burrows underground level and their ears are designed for then protection of dust and cover their ear canal.

Are Dachshunds dogs easy to train?

Dachshunds comes in existence after facing lots of complex personalities, These dogs traits liked to many other dogs for breeding purpose. These dogs mainly used for hunting and chasing animals in dark underground tunnels. These dogs nature is courageous and clever, their not changing attitude makes a trainer harder to train and however, these dogs stubborn and tried to make their own rules.

Are Dachshunds do naughty activity?

When the Dachshunds are puppies, they can get into chewing habits. As they getting elder, they took off this naughty habit. These dogs only chews when they are bored and felling lonely. These are comes in intelligent dog breed, a proper and timely training makes them stop chewing habit.

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Is Dachshunds dogs like to cuddle?

Dachshunds dog are very loving and loyal to their owner, these dogs love to snuggle upon their owner and always protective in danger situation. These dogs makes you feel more exciting and happy to following your around the path. These dogs are the perfect choice for the pet parents, who is willing to contribute their time in training schedule. These dogs always show protection toward children and taken care them on cuddling and showing unmatched love.

Final Lines about Dachshunds dog price in Delhi

Hope you were enjoyed the article. we tried our best and include every point about Dachshunds dog. If you feel anything missed in this article, you can contact us or comment below. Our team checked your reply and interact with you about the topic. Thanks for you visit.

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