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Introduction and Bulldog Price in India

A Bulldog is generally known as British Bulldog or English Bulldog. It is commonly a normally small size breed from country England. These early age dogs are renowned for Bulls control. This dog breed takes their name from the Bullfight. 

In the present generation, these English bulldog is very different from early days bulldog. These are short in size and have a cute wrinkled face. Moreover, these dogs are docile and friendly in nature wise. Thus, you see the strong bond with children.

As time passed over the British bulldog becomes a famous breed in India. Traditional and religious families love these dogs’ docile and polite nature. Though, the small size means they can easily live in apartments. Initially, the dog lovers call them good friends or family dogs.

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Now, you are here to purchase a Bulldog and also have tons of questions in mind. So, you are visited on the right article. Right today, we are sharing with you the average Bulldog price in India. We’re describing you all the essential things which help you to get the Bulldog puppy. This will include all the expenses required when you have a pet.

I know your entire family and especially children would love this dog. Same as the dog also spread love with family members. Must remember Caring for a Bulldog is a responsibility. Their genetic behavior is to live around the family member and want more love in return.

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The guilty part comes when a person buys Bulldog and does not care about him with respect to diet and nutrition. The real expenses start when you make the bulldog a family member. Although, the initial price of the Bulldog puppy is also high. We also discuss it in the next paragraph.

Bulldog Puppy Price in India and States

Himachal Pradesh₹25,000-₹55,000

It is a rare breed. So, the expected price is laterally high. We map the average cost of Bulldog between ₹22,000 to ₹45,000. A clear-cut point mentions that the Bulldog puppy price depends upon various credentials. These may include the reputation of the breeder, Types of Bulldog. It is to be French or British Bulldog. Don’t be shocked if any famous breeder asks for a higher price. yes, These dogs’ puppies’ price reached up to ₹50,000.

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Important aspects matter for the price of Bulldog Puppy

There are some legitimate factors that may always be responsible for the price of British Bulldog in India.

Demand directly influence the price: 

High demand means the price is high. However, these dogs are most popular in large cities. Thus the price might increase in metro cities as compared to rural areas.

Your Bulldog Breed Choice :

Based on our knowledge and further studies, There are only 2 Bulldog breeds that exist in India. One is called a French Bulldog and the other is a British Bulldog. Furthermore, the French Bulldog is small in size as compared to the English Bulldog breed

Most Important is Bullldog Breeder:

Making your purchase with a reputed breeder is high in price. It is factual the reputed breeder only guaranteed you the dog is original pedigree. Most of the time we see the dog lover may be flooded by dog breeders. So, be aware of these cross-breed or mix-breed.

Breeder use show quality:

Those Bulldog puppy prices strictly depend upon the overall quality. The real breeder shows the quality to confirm how close the breed standard maintains its liability. Those kennel clubs that exist in India always registered the dog breed with a top pedigree. For your kind information, the KCI follows the UKC standard rules.

Male Vs Female Bulldog:

Indian breeders demand a high price for a male Bulldog than a female Bulldog puppy.  Remember, Pick the puppy best suit for your family standard. Well, there is no big difference between these two genetics.

Reason to trust on dogfriends.in Bulldog Price in India?

It is hard to believe the information available on the internet. We agree on the information available on our website. So, you can trust us. These are some special reason we mention below that proves us best in Bulldog puppy price in India.

Bulldog puppy price in india

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Detailed Understanding Bulldog in India

Bulldog price

This dog breed primarily took over from England. Very first-generation English Bulldog is now extinct. A basic question many people do not know the British Bulldog is the national animal of England.

In 21 century, There are several types of Bulldog available in India. All of them is sourced from Old English Bulldog. We mention below the following types of dog breeds available in India.

  • Bulldog
  • American Bulldog
  • Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
  • Alano Español (Spanish Bulldog)
  • Olde English Bulldogge
  • French Bulldog
  • French Bulldog
  • Continental Bulldog
  • Campeiro Bulldog
  • Serrano Bulldog
  • Perro de Presa Mallorquin

Their small size and loving nature toward children make them more special as a family dog. Along with, the wrinkled face of these British bulldogs famous among the dog friends. 

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The best part about these dog breed is they are easily involved in the Indian environment and society. Basically, the short coat helps them to survive in Indian weather.

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