black and white siberian husky dog price in India

Siberian Husky available in wide ranges of colors coat but the trending one is White, Black & have blue eyes. If you’re looking one of these husky, the price starting from Rs 2500 – Rs 30000. The price is higher means the quality is better, you need to check more factor like breeder experience, Husky baby parents health, Blood line and more that we discuss further. In common days, White & Black color combination husky generally seen in India. There are plenty of white Siberian husky with splotches of black but seeing a pure white one is rear scenario. We’re writing this article because many people having demand for White, Black and Blue husky. So, our team think to contribute some valuable information with our visitors. Let’s continue…

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Take a one glimpse of Siberian Husky all colors

White: A white color known for recessive trait in Siberian Huskies. You seen dogs are genetically found in red, black, grey etc. white is rare and a true color coat pattern.

Black & White: This pattern is perhaps the coat color easily available in huskies, black color tends to be the predominant color.

Mostly Black Coat: This color is a strikingly appealing variation in sled dogs, these are the standard size dogs and live typically between 12 to 15 years.

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Saddleback: A Saddleback Husky has a distinctive pattern. In this pattern, saddle area, head, haunches and shoulders may be red or white.

Sable: The Sable coat having having black points and black tipping on the fur. They are also famous for their Reddish or Brownish with a black nose.

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Agouti: This type of husky known for the wild looking, this is not the rarest color but sometime still rare. The color combination of Agouti breed fur is usually gray or dull brown.

Copper: This color found rarest in this trait and thus, the price goes high as compared to other color. The copper color combination exhibit Dark red or brown with white under belly.

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What price matter for huskies in India?

The price range for the Siberian Husky India mostly falls between Rs 2500 – Rs 3000. This price range varies as per the city and the demand of husky dog breed.

There is below we include cities, which define the price of husky puppies.

DelhiRs 2500 – Rs 30000
GurgaonRs 2500 – Rs 28000
NoidaRs 2500 – Rs 24000
FaridabadRs 2500 – Rs 27000
BangaloreRs 2500 – Rs 29000
ChennaiRs 2500 – Rs 26000
KolkataRs 2500 – Rs 24000
MumbaiRs 2500 – Rs 19000
PuneRs 2500 – Rs 21000
HyderabadRs 2500 – Rs 17000
GoaRs 2500 – Rs 30000
GujaratRs 2500 – Rs 16000

White Siberian Husky Dog Photos

White husky price in India
white husky dog price in india
White Siberian husky dog price in India
Pure white siberian husky price in India

Black Husky Dog Photos In India

Black husky dog photos in India
Black Siberian Husky Dog photos in India
Black Siberian husky in India

Read about Health Problem before Buying Siberian Husky

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA): This describe a group of specific eyes, which might the cause of effecting retina and photoreceptors. Same like a human beings the dogs have rods and cons in eye formation. Right the concept of husky, they have more rods – this may allow them to get the vision in low light. This quality huskies inherit from the wolves. So, they can survive and hunt in a low light vision.

Hypothyroidism: This disease likely found in black huskies, this can effect the thickness of their coat and body parts like nails, hair and the energy level.

Corneal Dystrophy: This disease refers to the clouding of the cornea, Inherited disease existed in husky breed due to the genetic disturbance, where the fat is metabolized.

These are the Common Black Husky Mixes in India

The black Alaskan Husky, black Agouti Husky, black Siberian Husky are incredibly in breeding stock for mixed breed dog. Most of the breeders and sellers having demand for Black huskies with bule eyes combination. These are the common mixes include with husky breed.

  • German Shepherd – Husky Mix ( Alert Dog)
  • Labrador Retriever – Husky Mix ( energy dog)
  • Pitbull – Husky mix ( Strong working dog)
  • Golden Retriever ( Funny and always playful dog)

Is Black Husky puppies color change?

Husky coats are the most unpredictable in entire dog history. Black husky is same as other dogs while breeding and hence, their puppies color changes. If a puppy have black color at birth, the chance is higher your puppy turn into black husky adult, this is by chance lucky situation for you – you can easier to predict the final color is black. Meanwhile, the black pup have 99% chance to have all black adult.

Can white & Black Husky have blue eyes?

Just like all the huskies, the black huskies have also blue and brown eyes, this is another aesthetic that dog lovers want and the breeder chase. These dogs are also quite beautiful in bi-colored and parti-colored eyes.

Last lines about Black & White husky

This article have been written after lots of research and proper guidance on Siberian Husky. Hope you were enjoyed this article and feeling blessed for the future. Our wishes with you for your future family member, A Siberian Husky. If you have any question regarding this article, you can contact us or comment at the below. Our team reply all your problems. Thanks, visit again…

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